Thoughts of a backrider.... Ask me anything yo!

Skarleitz Xardax Arnaiz
Sep 22, 2017

Me and my husband has been a member of Suzuki Raiders Club (SRC). We have been on long rides and I am the official backrider of the group and at the same time their "on-foot photographer". I like documenting their rides. Having the streets and highways as their playground, I just so love the thrill, intensity and buts and what if's during the ride. We own a Suzuki R-150, super loaded!

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What is the most favoraite part of being a backrider?

Nov 2, 8:12AM EDT0

What's the best thing about riding in groups?

Sep 21, 10:15AM EDT0

Racing :)

Sep 22, 5:33PM EDT0

Can you ride in rainy season and what are the dangers?

Sep 21, 2:38AM EDT0

Yes we can ride in any season, when its super sunny chances are you might get a heat stroke along the way if there's no hydration. If you ride during rainy days, slipping, landslides are few of the dangers.

Sep 22, 5:33PM EDT0

When is the best season to ride a bike?

Sep 20, 8:11PM EDT0

We just have two seasons here, rainy days and sunny days. Both are all good to ride a bike.

Sep 22, 5:31PM EDT0

Can I hire bikes and gear as a tourist and where is the best place?

Sep 20, 1:49PM EDT0

Hi Monica, yes we can tag you along with your friends and be a backrider as well but you can rent a Suzuki R150 with us if you likke with gears and official vest.

Sep 22, 9:23AM EDT0

You say you are a backrider, do you ride yourself as well?

Sep 20, 5:45AM EDT0

I wanted to.. but my husband won't let me :)

Sep 20, 10:22AM EDT0
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Where are you from?

Sep 20, 5:05AM EDT0

Davao del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines :)

Sep 20, 10:22AM EDT0
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Can I 'wiggle' my way out or negotiate with police or is it a total no go?

Sep 19, 4:02PM EDT0

What do you mean?

Sep 20, 10:22AM EDT0
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What is the speed limit?

Sep 19, 2:51PM EDT0

No speed limit when we hit the road. But depends on the city that we are going like in Davao City, we have to follow the speed limit required when we pass by.

Sep 20, 10:23AM EDT0
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Are you using any travel apps to record your journey and photos? 

Sep 19, 1:48PM EDT0

I'm using my own phone to take pictures and capture the ride. Go Pro may be too expensive but I am thinking to get one :)

Sep 20, 10:24AM EDT0
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How long have you been riding and what inspired you to start riding?

Sep 19, 12:14PM EDT0

I think I started backriding when I met my husband Oliver so its like more over 5 yrs ago until now. What inspired me is the cheap travels on a motorcycle, nice views along the way, be one with nature and the thrill on the road.

Sep 20, 10:26AM EDT0
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Is it safe to ride on your own or is it better to join a club or group?

Sep 19, 12:12PM EDT0

I think it is much enjoyed when you are in a club or a group :)

Sep 20, 10:26AM EDT0
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What is a backrider?

Sep 19, 6:22AM EDT0

Nice.. thanks for being the first to ask. It is someone who literally rides at the back of the rider :) Hope it helps :)

Sep 19, 10:02AM EDT0

How much is gasoline in your country and how far do you generally get with one tank load?

Sep 19, 6:03AM EDT0

Well, we use Premium (red) gasoline at Php39/liter. One full tank is about 4.5 liters. Thank you for reaching out :)

Sep 19, 10:21AM EDT0
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What should I look out for or be aware of when riding a bike in your country?

Sep 19, 4:32AM EDT0

Before the ride commenced, riders do make sure that their bikes are in condition and in a good set up. To decide where to go and before you suggest to the group on where to go, they should have researched the place (how many kilometers), any trail, any expectation on the road, few stops and timeline.

Sep 19, 10:23AM EDT0
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What route would you recommend to visitors that is challenging but also beautiful to ride?

Sep 19, 2:21AM EDT0

I am from Mindanao, Philippines and have always been fascinated by the perfect places around my hometown. The Comval - Davao Oriental Road is by far the best that I have seen where riders will really get the fast and furios experience each time due to a very widened road (around 6 lanes) in a super highway plus the Badas road that seemed to be a chicken's intestine. The road is a shoreline itself and you can see the majestic Pacific ocean along the way.

Sep 19, 10:29AM EDT0
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What do you do if you have mechanical problems?

Sep 18, 10:15PM EDT0

In a long ride, the group can't go without the chief mechanic and it is always possible that there are mechanical problems along the way :)

Sep 19, 10:32AM EDT0
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What is compulsory riding a bike in your country, i.e. helmets, protective gear, etc?

Sep 18, 7:58PM EDT0

Definitely, the group SRC - Suzuki Raiders Club upholds members following proper attire and protective gears during each ride which of course is also applicable to the backriders. 

  • No half-faced helmets. Both rider and backrider should wear and own a full faced helmet.
  • No wearing of shorts during rides.
  • Protective gears and armors are recommended.
  • Club vest has to be worn during the ride.
  • Wearing gloves is mandatory.
  • Wearing of knee and elbow pads is mandatory for both rider and back riders.
  • Wearing rubber shoes is mandatory. No sandals allowed.

Sep 19, 10:40AM EDT0
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What are the roads like, are they good or are there many potholes and other problems?

Sep 18, 7:13PM EDT0

We can't really tell. The ride (event) itself is "come what may" experience especially the place that we are going to partake is not too familiar for everybody or hasn't been surveyed by any of our group member. Usually, if roads are under repair, we can really experience rough roads. Going to a Sitio in Talaingod to give natives there some school supplies, the road going up to the sitio is about 35 degress upward with large boulder rocks that the motorcycle has to endure. Another example is the road to Bagangga, where we experience going through the road with 6 mini streams as the main road and since that time, its real rainy, the water is about 20 cm deep. The motorcycle carborator may be flooded with water so what we do is we have all the riders carry the motorcycle one by one. Adventure, thrill, and endurance is there to conquer. :)

Sep 19, 11:00AM EDT0
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Have you ever thought of turning your hobby into a business and offer tours for bikers in your country?

Sep 18, 6:56PM EDT0

Possible, I would like to guide foreigners ride the motorcyle and take them with us to ride and experience something he/she would never forget for the rest of their life. :)

Sep 19, 11:03AM EDT0
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