Mar 17, 2018

I clean rental cars and really like my job! AMA!

Mar 16, 2018

I am a Truck Driver, AMA

Mar 15, 2018

I am a former Armored Truck Guard AMA

Mar 13, 2018

I Am A Service Adviser/Warranty Administrator for a Small Car Dealership. Ask Me Anything!

Mar 13, 2018

I have no car so I can't get a job. I have no job so I can't get a car. I have no family to fall back on. AMA!

Mar 12, 2018

45yo pastor. married, rides motorcycle, has tattoos, in long-term sobriety from alcohol. AMA

Mar 12, 2018

I worked in car sales for 8 years. Finally got out of the business. I’ve worked as Sales Manager, Finance Manager and a car salesman. AMA

Mar 12, 2018

I have 5 years experience working at a particular orange and white truck rental company, and recently wrote a book about my experiences there. AMA!

Mar 12, 2018

I just got my motorcycle license. AMA

Mar 12, 2018

I'm a woman who grew up as a nomad. I grew up living under the stars in tents or sleeping in the back of trucks. I have traveled through 38 states. AMA!

Mar 12, 2018

I was hit by a car, and had to stay out of school for 3 weeks. AMA!

Mar 12, 2018

I was in a car accident recently. AMA!

the bear
Mar 10, 2018

Boat Race is 2 weeks today ! AMA

Mar 9, 2018

I’m a propane truck driver and a call firefighter/EMT. AMA!

Mar 9, 2018

9 years ago I came to the US rowing in a Styrofoam boat made by myself. AMA.

Mar 9, 2018

I live in the part of upstate New York labeled "Over sized and over populated truck stop" AMA

Mar 9, 2018

21/F passenger to a truck driver. We have a long day ahead of us across the states. AMA

Mar 8, 2018

I was in a medically induced coma last year for 4 days due to a motorcycle wreck. AMA

Mar 6, 2018

I am in a car with my parents for the next 12 hours AMA

Mar 4, 2018

My stomach hurts and I’m in a car for the next 2 hours AMA

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