Tim Mann

A boatbuilder, sailor, fisherman, and hopefully the best Dad a kid could have!


A boatbuilder, sailor, fisherman, and hopefully the best Dad a kid could have!

My family is building sailing fishing boats with refrigeration systems that eliminate the costs of fuel and ice for the fisherman. They don’t pollute or contribute to global warming, and are made out of our local waste wood, milled on our farm. We’re building the first 37-footer, “Splash”, right now.

These boats can help fishermen all over the world make a good living by eliminating the cost of fuel; and in the process, help make fish affordable for local residents. Fish is healthy, fish tastes great, and everyone likes to eat fresh fish. But most families can hardly afford it because it’s so expensive.

So we’re doing something about it: we’re building boats that take the cost of fuel out of the equation. The small fisherman won’t pay half his total income just for fuel anymore. With one of our boats, he can catch half as much fish and make the same amount of take-home pay.

We think if a LOT of these boats are out on the ocean catching fish, market forces will lower the cost of fish to the consumer.

We’re not asking for money, because we’ve got that handled. We’re asking for your support and encouragement, and for you to help promote and publicize our efforts.

Our project is named The Splash Project after the first of the boats we’re currently building: “Splash”, a 37-foot sailing fishing multihull. You can read more by going to our website: newageofsail.com/ .


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